Women's Group at EJJC

A core part of the Elma Jiu Jitsu Club's mission is providing resources to women in the East County area. The EJJC's Women's Group is headed by Sheila David, co-owner and an assistant instructor at EJJC.

The goal of the Women's Group is to provide a safe space for women to gather, build community, practice self-defense techniques and methods, and share resources in a closed-door environment.

From Toledo, Washington Sheila brings a 10+ year background in martial arts, as well as a 15-year background in case resource management, investigation, quality assurance and improvement for at-risk community members to this project.

A coach in EJJC's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program, she is focused on providing high-quality anti-bullying and self-defense curriculum alongside her husband Ehren. As the head of the Women's Group, Sheila's goal is to ensure that the space is safe, welcoming, and focused on the needs of it's members.

You can reach Sheila directly via email by clicking here.